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Redlands High School Terrier Football Team 1994

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Football At Its Finest

Set, hut, hut, hut! With bone crushing hits and dazzling scores, the 1994 Varsity Football Team amazed and intimidated all who opposed hem. Each Friday night in the fall they headed out to the University of Redlands stadium or to an opposing teams field, to live out their own, as well as other people’s, dreams. Senior Keith Duckett said, “ It was an amazing feeling to go out onto that fresh cut grass and try to play your heart out.”

The challenges they had to overcome were always present. Starting in the spring of the previous year, the team began to practice hard. Twice a week they lifted weights, and they spent many hours reviewing film. Senior Bart Gebbie explained, “It is much too hard to just go out there; you have to really love it to practice that much for just a few games.”

Team unity played a vital part in success for the players. Senior Cory Theis started, “With all the teamwork involved in football, you have to make sure that ever teammate of yours is like a brother to you.” They sacrificed their time and energy to achieve togetherness. Besides team dinners and holding each others hands entering each game, they made the most brutal sacrifice of all, their hair. Senior Jason Glotzbach shared, “When you looked down on the barber shop floor, and you saw all your hair, it made a very big impact on how important this ceremony was.”

In the end, all the hard work and devotion yielding great rewards for all involved. Senior Brian Kuennen said, “When you worked so hard to do one thing well, it was a great feeling to do it right.” It was truly a great victory to all involved in the many arduous tasks of the 1994 Varsity Football Team.

- Benjamin I. Liwnicz

Team Roster: Ryan Villapando, Phil Jenkins, Jason Glotzbach, Cody Windbiglar, Nick Day, Kevin Johnson, Joe Roberts, Jason Stevens, Cory Theis, Mike Crane, Aaron Cooper, J.D. Lanier, Rollie Dykstra, Seth Thompson, Bill Walden, Keoki DePonte, Dave Aranda, Nick Wiess, Joe Gill, Chris Nelson, Bart Gebbie, Ryan Kalama, Matt Nelson, Keith Duckett, Jason Pruett, Tim Sands, David Lara, Klye Lopez, Ryan Purdie, Richie Dykstra, Weston Lauder, B.J. Wiley, Steve Crane, Alex Frazier, Brian Tipton, Kelvin Day, Sal Murguia, Tom Thornberg, Larwrence Brags, Andrew Crates, Voy Fong, Ben Cripe, Jeff Cunningham, Joe Vasquez, Brian Harrison, Reuben Ortiz, Shad Ash, Doug Wells, Cory Lanaham, Keith Morse, Floro Dioquino, Johnny Fultz, Terry Renner, Lamont Anderson, Ricardo Bermio. Coaches: George Tesla, Swanson, Ken Morse, Bob Sierra, Dennis Hahn, Jim Walker, Miguel Olmendo, Dick Shellborn, Jim Evans, Sam Richie. Managers: Crystal Stalling, Deborah Brown, Jack Lake.

Football Record:

5 wins - 6 loss - 0 tie
CBL: 3 wins 2 loss

Jim Walker

Redlands 14 Colton 36
Redlands 20 Bishop Amat 43
Redlands 34 Riverside Poly 32
Redlands 43 Long Beach Jordan 36
Redlands 7 St. Paul 28
Redlands 38 Victor Valley 28
Redlands 45 Apple Valley 13
Redlands 28 Fontana 31
Redlands 48 Hesperia 12
Redlands 28 Eisenhower 34
Redlands 13 Mater Dei (CIF) 31


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